Phu Thab Boek Adventure

We’ve been thinking a lot about what to do for the holidays. After all, it’s New Year’s Eve, and we want to make sure we’re doing something special. But what?

Exiting North Bangkok

We have so many friends who say that Petchabun is their favorite place to go in December. It’s a mountainous area where most motorists go during the Holidays. So we looked online and found out about Phu Thap Boek, which is another AirBnB hunt and we were fortunate to find a teacher who happens to have a mini hostel business with a very reasonable price. Their family is so kind and warm, they even invited us to join their New Year celebration. Unfortunately, we were a bit late for the countdown because the road is unfamiliar to us.

Reasonable AirBnB Find

It’s so chill here in Petchabun—and so relaxing! I finished a book on the terrace in one sitting and it was just what I needed after weeks of working in the city: an unplanned day where you can decide to drive whenever you’re ready because you know that there will be no traffic once you get onto the main road.

Although it was still dark when we left for the mountain, Google Maps did not let us down, and we were brave enough to travel to a dangerous location. I’ll admit that the mountain’s steepness and abrupt twists gave me anxiety. I felt that I deserved a badge for reaching the top.

When we finally arrived at our destination (near the top), I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything was when we got there—the weather was perfect for taking photos of nature or just enjoying the silence and peace that came with getting away from everything else around us for a bit. There isn’t much to see once you reach the summit, the view and weather are pleasant and you can purchase food and other items that will benefit local small businesses. If you’re a meditative person, this is the place for you. The weather and silence have the ability to connect with your spirit.

We’ve all been there: you’re in the middle of nowhere, and you get to a dangerous location. Now what? Our advice is just to do it. There are many experiences and things that you’ll be thankful for when you get older. Travel and go on adventures while you still can.

So next time your life gets a little crazy, just remember this: sometimes it’s better to just get out there and do something unexpected—and even dangerous—rather than stay home and watch Netflix all day while eating snacks from the vending machine.


  • Discount (ส่วนลด, ลดราคา) refers to a reduction in price or value.
  • Commodity (สินค้า) refers to a product or item that is bought and sold.
  • Hill (ภูเขาเล็ก) refers to a natural elevation of land that is smaller than a mountain.
  • Mountain (ภูเขา) refers to a natural elevation of land that is larger than a hill.
  • Steep (สูงชัน) refers to a slope or incline that is very steep or difficult to climb.
  • Sharp curve (โค้งหักศอก) refers to a sharp or abrupt bend in a road or path.
  • Locals (คนพื้นเมือง, คนท้องถิ่น) refers to people who live in a particular area or region, as opposed to outsiders or tourists.
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